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NOTE: your username is immutable, and cannot be changed after registration!


Supported browsers

QStack Qstack uses a modern, real-time interface that’s compatible with the following browsers:


  • In the main panel the top-level information for the instance is shown, along with both CPU and network load graphs

  • Instance name / ID: shows the instance’s name or ID string (editable)

  • Tags: shows all tags applied to the instance (editable)

  • Credentials: shows the default root/admin username and password (unlockable with account password or keyring)

  • Public IP: the public IP address assigned to the instance

  • Private IP: the instance’s private IP address within the account’s VLAN

  • Server Size: the current service offering in use

  • Operating System: the instance’s running OS

  • Firewall: the firewall’s name that’s assigned to the instance

  • Keypair: the keypair in use with the instance

  • Created: the relative creation date of the instance

  • Attached ISO: ability to attach a registered ISO to the instance

Usage metering

QStack Qstack includes automatic, granular usage metering for all resources. Cloud providers using QStack Qstack can integrate to use the data output for utility-style billing of resources used.


In the support tab (where applicable), you can browse available support content depending on the configuration of the QStack Qstack deployment.

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