2 User UI

Qstack features a unified, easy-to-use dashboard to manage infrastructure resources and users from a single pane of glass.

The context menu in the middle of the top bar provides quick access to the main components of Qstack: DashboardComputeStorageSupport, Admin and Infrastructure.

The menu options listed on the left side depend on the component selected from the context menu. The screenshot below illustrates the Compute context, notifications indicator, region selector (for hybrid functionality), and User menu. Details for each will be outlined in later sections. 

The region selector will only show if hybrid functionality is configured to include at least one endpoint connection to an EC2-compatible cloud.

The notification indicator in the top right shows a count of unread messages; clicking on it provides a quick overview of the latest system events generated by user actions. Notifications are further described in Notifications. 


The availability of certain components or features may differ depending on the deployment configuration or Qstack permissions.

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